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Silicon Mould Making & Bronze Resin Casting

Price £520.00

Silicon Mould Making & Bronze Resin Casting

5-days with Luke Shepherd

24th - 28th October 2018

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The course is designed to give all the technical info and experience needed to get you confident about making your own silicone rubber moulds. We will look specifically at the choice and use of materials, deciding on the dividing line, ensuring the mould is keyed well and dealing with undercuts.
5-days is only a start, but you get a solid foundation, you will work on your own sculpture and see other peoples' moulds develop and the different ways to tackle different problems that present in each individual piece of sculpture etc.

A sculpture can look fantastic in resin-bronze. But it has to be done well and there are many aspects that cannot easily be learned from books or video. 3-days to mould, and 2 -days to cast and patinate your own piece.


Luke is also running 4-day Portrait Modelling MasterClasses

3rd - 6th May & 26th - 29th July 2018 in Totnes Devon

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Sands School, 48 East St
AShburton TQ13 7AX
United Kingdom
Phone Number 01364 652012
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