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Biography: Potter working in various areas of pottery. Specialist area of expertise are throwing & graphic techniques. The work I am best known for making are my thrown forms in white clay body which are hand illustrated with vibrant colours depicting structures and landscapes. To follow my most current projects I am easy to find on social media under the #pottylaura
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The Electric Kiln - by Harry Fraser

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The Electric Kiln - by Harry Fraser

Description I am looking for a used copy of The Electric Kiln - by Harry Fraser I am not fussed how poor condition it is in as long as it is still readable.

If anyone has a spare / unwanted copy, please email me.

Please state the price you would want to sell it for in your message.

Alternatively, if anyone would recommend a better book on electric kiln maintenance etc. I would love to know about it.

Thank you.
High Wycombe
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