Reduction in Andrew Holden Gas Kiln
How do I do reduction in this gas kiln

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Posted May21, 2017 - 3:56 PM:
Subject: Reduction in Andrew Holden Gas Kiln
I have an Andrew Holden (The Self Reliant Potter) designed kiln. It works very well despite my lack of experience. I want to try some reduction firing. It has two burners at the rear bottom corners of the kiln and a exhaust flue at the top. The heat is directed to the front of hte kiln at floor level by bricks with a kiln shelf on top.

I want to use reduction glazes and possibly either soda or sprayed wood ash but would like some advice on how to achieve the reduction atmosphere.

Thanks - Peter
Robin @ Top Pot


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Posted May28, 2017 - 8:21 PM:

Hi Peter, so the reduction atmosphere is the effect of the fuel (gas in your case) using up a lot of the oxygen in the firing chamber. I haven't got a gas kiln now but at college we had a damper in the flue which we pushed in a certain amount to stop the combustion from leaving the kiln too rapidly. It was a fine balancing act as if you restrict the combustion too much the temp would stop rising or fall.
A bit of kiln shelf reducing the flue opening balanced with gas input. Keep a log and good luck.

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