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French Marigold

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Posted Sep28, 2017 - 6:40 PM:
Subject: Using a saggar
Hello, I'm new here. I'm not a potter but a sculptor. Has anyone any experience of using a saggar in an electric kiln? I have a potato brick (like a chicken brick but for baking potatoes) which is unglazed. Has anyone tried using similar as a saggar?


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Posted Sep29, 2017 - 9:18 AM:


whilst I have not used a sagger in an electric kiln I can tell you it is not advised as during the firing chemical fumes can still escape from the sagger which can damage the elements in the kiln. So question in return what are you putting in the sagger in respect of additional materials? I do appreciate you are probably intending to create a particular colour or effect on the surface of the piece you are firing but either need to protect other pieces of work in the kiln from cross colouring or you are attempting to create a reduction effect inside the sagger. If you value your kiln I personally wouldn't do it. Find a friend with a wood burning kiln and get them to fire your work for you.
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