Problem glazing new stoneware

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Posted Nov16, 2017 - 11:40 AM:
Subject: Problem glazing new stoneware
I've been experimenting with new clays recently and have found a black stoneware clay that I love the look of but struggling with glazing it.

With most my glazes on a simple thrown cylinder (closed at one end) I am getting a failure rate of over 75%. Of those that survive firing a futher 50% subsequently fail up to a month later. All of the items, both during or post firing, are failing in the same way - a single top to bottom crack on the verticle surface and the base dropped out as a near perfect disc.

With the other glazes I use there have been no failures at all and the glazes that are having the problem with this clay have never had issues with any of my other clays.

Can anyone suggest what may be going on and what I can do to reduce the failure rate - guess I need to change the mix for the glaze but don't have a clue in what way.
Robin @ Top Pot


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Posted Dec07, 2017 - 9:20 AM:

Hi , can you post some pictures? Which company is the black clay from?

My first thoughts are that the colour additive (body stain or colouring oxide) to turn the clay black is making the clay behave very differently and having an effect on the glaze.


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