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Posted Mar31, 2018 - 1:51 PM:
Subject: Pony gone pottery on hind feet

Soooo - 13.3hh 16yr old good doer, lives mostly out, usually ridden 3-4 times a week but has had a mini holiday for 10 days as we had some grumpy bucking issues which I had the vet out to investigate. there was some confusion as to whether he was lame in front, as diagnosed by a vet after lunging him on a hard stony circle (!) where he definitely didn't look happy but he passed flexions all round... Vet said not lami. Took him for a lameness workup anyhow as was worried. Sound on the lunge on concrete this time, had X-rays of front feet done - all fine and good thick sole- and xrayedback for good measure (all fine too). Had some time off, rode last Wednesday in a surface fine, went for an hours slow hack, mostly walking on roads on Saturday all fine and then started out on Sunday for a short hack and he was definitely pottering on hard or stony surface but on hinds more than anything. So got off and walked 200 m home.

Suspecting laminitis I have immediately taken anything likely to be causing problems out of his feed, restricted grazing, stabled at night on thick bed and soaking hay. However he has no bounding pulses, his hooves are cold and he is not reacting to pincers. He still seems a bit cautious walking over the stony pathway to field but looks fine on grass and in field.

The things that have changed

1) new season hay - changed to a week ago and he is eating quite a lot in favour of grass, usually with old batch he wasn't bothered = higher sugar content?
2) lack of work on hard surface/ road for 2 weeks and then hours work on road made his feet sore? (Shod in front but not behind.)
3) spring grass ?

I am suspecting all 3 combined have bought on a slight lami episode just making him a touch sore and perhaps the front shoes are hiding soreness more than his bare hind feet?Any thoughts?

Please help

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