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Posted Aug05, 2011 - 5:29 PM:
Subject: Basic info

As a members you can login to any of the areas of the site that need a login. A registration or login at any of them works for all sections.

Member's Page:- (accessible when logged in. Here you can edit your details (and other things.)

Please Note:-  There is one members list for all parts of the site so logging in while in one section means you are logged in for all sections. BUT the link to your page will take you to a different set of options for each section. So if for instance you have subscribed (to receive emails when updated) to a category in the Links directory this will show up if you follow the "Your Page" link when in the Links section of the site but not if you follow the same link while in the Classified section. Possibly confusing but means that different options can be set for the individual sections.

Classified Ads :- Posting of UK relevant ceramics/pottery (Craft/ Studio pottery rather than factory produced) is free.You may return to the Ad to make changes at any time - when logged in there should be an edit button next to your Ad title. I monitor the content of Ads and delete inappropriate Ads as soon as possible.

In order to respond to an Ad then you must be logged in.

Links Directory:- If you have a website (or know of an interesting site - again relevant to UK based potters) then you may include an entry in the Links Directory again there is no charge. You will be able to edit the content of the description and add images to the listing description. The Thumbnail associated with the listing is provided by using their free service  - so may not put a thumbnail on all entries. (You may pay Thumbshots (not me!) a small charge to update your thumbnail or just wait and it should get around to it eventually.

I would encourage link owners to add images to the listing (via  Edit ) - when I get things sorted there should be a random selection of images from links appearing on the home page linking to the listing. At the moment there are very few links with image attachments (mainly because the facility is fairly new) so a random selection wouldn't change very much!

Gallery:- The images at the moment have been added by me but I would like to encourage other potters to add pics. There is the facility to have your own Album - accessed through your members page. (The display of these images is currently being altered but is usable at the moment).

Ebay Listings:- This page brings together pottery items advertised on Ebay. I get a small - sometimes very small! commission on any sales made after following a link from UKPotters to Ebay. At the moment this is the only source of funding for the website and just about covers the basic hosting etc. (No wages!) - So please use this as your gateway to Ebay.

Please feel free to email me (Use the Contact the Administration link at the bottom of the page.)if you are having problems with the site. An alternative to emailing is the Private Messaging feature of the forum.


Edited by admin on Aug20, 2011 - 11:09 AM
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