My excuse for a rubbish layout
Title My excuse for a rubbish layout
Description See title!

There are numerous problems with the layout and functioning of the UKPotters website.

The problems arose because my customisatioins conflicted with changes introduced with updates to the scripts that I use as the basis of the site.

I have no time to sort out these problems because of other commitments. I sometime get a little time but it needs full on attention for a few days!

I have 2 choices - ignore the problems until my current project is finished - which is more or less what I am doing but not very happy about - OR take the site offline for an extendend period (which I suspect would be forever!) until I can spend time on it.

So for the moment the site staggers on unless I get really irritated by it!

(The duplicate fields in the submit topic form - use the second set or your message will disappear - as I have just found out!)

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Submission Date Feb23, 2017 - 8:48 AM