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Earthenware, figurative ceramics, Garden Pots-Outdoor Ceramics, Hand-built Ceramics, Porcelain , Raku or Smoke fired, Saltglaze or Sodaglaze, Slip Cast, Slipware, Stoneware, Tiles, Woodfired
Websites of UK potters/ceramicists. (Links will be in the sub-categories if there is a suitable one.)
199 listings

UK Potters associations or groups
14 listings

There are many craft associations which have potters as members. Associations that are exclusively for potters are listed separately.

To be listed here there must be some potters/ceramicists in the association.
4 listings

Outlets for ceramics run by members as cooperatives.
3 listings
Accessories, Clay, Glazes, Instrumentation, Kiln furniture, Kilns, Plaster and mould making, Pottery machinery, Refractories, Wheels
Suppliers of pottery equipment and materials.May include clay,glazes raw materials and equipment.
91 listings

Ceramics with a significant architectural emphasis
3 listings

Venues for events,may include galleries,Craft shops. May host events and run courses.Centres with a significant ceramic content
3 listings

Sites that let you buy online (UK Studio Ceramics only)
30 listings

Any worldwide sites that excell
3 listings

Makers of ceramic jewellery
9 listings

potters/ceramicists making sculptural items
46 listings

Sites with conservation, repair or restoration of ceramics content
20 listings

pottery/ceramic courses - not restricted to UK
37 listings

Retail outlets for pottery and ceramics
4 listings

Sites with listings of large number of (ceramic interest) sites
10 listings

Reoccuring ceramic events (UK)
6 listings
Galleries Online
Galleries/retail outlets which are mainly concerned with ceramics
18 listings

Technical information about glaze and glaze calculation
9 listings

Information on building your own kiln
5 listings

Pottery or ceramic magazines
7 listings

Anything else!
4 listings

Museums with significant ceramic interest
3 listings

Organisations with significant ceramic interest.
5 listings

1 listing

Sites featuring tips and advice etc.
6 listings

Sources of refurbished equipment.
3 listings

Any ceramic related technical stuff
13 listings

Information/resources specific to tiles (NOT potters making tiles)
1 listing
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